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We conduct online courses in all fields. Courses are conducted by experienced instructors.

Its not just a Video tutorial -

Its a teaching method, where students can ‘Interact’ online with the instructor while learning!

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Are you a student who is keen on learning a new subject, but cannot find the course anywhere ?

Please tell us your interests. We will find the instructors who can teach. Let us know – Now!

For Instructors

We have lots of students, requesting courses to be taught online. If you are a teacher/instructor and you would like to teach a course online – please contact us for more details. CLICK HERE  to Contact Us:

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Some of our courses include

  • Online Courses in MS SQL, Oracle SQL, PL SQL, Oracle DBA
  • Online Courses in JAVA, Core JAVA
  • Online Courses in Client Side Scripting Using Javascript, Extended Javascript
  • Online Courses in Server Side Programming in ASP.NET
  • Online Courses in Web Design and Webdevelopment Courses
  • Online Courses in HTML, HTML5
  • Online Courses in  CSS, CSS3
  • Online Carnatic Classical Music
  • Online Courses in Medicine (Physiology/Anatomy)
  • Online Courses in Geography, Remote Sensing And GIS
  • ACCA Courses (Accounting Courses)
  • Online Courses in Clinical Research
  • Online Courses in Mathematics / Math Covering Topics Basic and Advanced Mathematics
  • Many more….Please Click Here to see our list


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