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PanaKart Shopping Cart & eCommerce

PanaKart eCommerce Shopping Cart for Small Businesses

PanaKart eCommerce Shopping Cart for Small Businesses

PanaKartShoppingCartLogoPanaKart is an eCommerce shopping cart software & it provides solutions for online stores. It also serves the purpose of eCommerce as the cart comes with basic  inventory management system.  The following are some of features of PanaKart eCommerce Shopping Cart.

How to Purchase, Price:

Please Contact Us for a Quote or Details




A domain and a windows hosting server, Must be compatible to .net framework 4.5, Must have SQL server 2008 or higher


  • Please contact us for a smooth, complete integration
  • We offer 1 Month FREE support and the maintenance of the cart after Go-Live.
  • We offer 10 FREE graphics designing for the site
  • Free Payment-Gateway Integration to Paypal / Authorize.NET in USA; EBS / CC Avenue in India
  • We upload your products’ Data and Images into the server for FREE


  • Manage / Add Product Images, Product Files,
  • Manage / Add Product Specifications,
  • Manage / Add Product Categories,
  • Manage / Add Product Shipping Rates,
  • Manage / Add Tax Rates,
  • Manage / Add Gift Certificates,
  • Manage / Add Coupons,
  • Manage Product Stock Qty, Product Compare Price, Product SKU, Bar Code,
  • Manage / Add Product Variants,
  • Manage / Add Product Accessories,
  • Manage Product Options
  • Manage Newsletters/Campaigns,
  • Payment Integration to Paypal / Or Any Other Payment gateway for an Additional Charge of $200
  • Product Review/Rating by Customers,
  • Customer Subscription to Newsletters on Home Page,
  • Add “Digital” products too **
  • Covers Basic SEO
  • Basic Products-Orders-Management
  • Basic Order Tracking for Customers
  • Customer Reports

Our eCommerce Cart – Client Sites

Site completely designed and developed by Adrusya technologies. Completely customized with advanced features on cart checkout and product options

A Site designed and developed by Adrusya Technologies. This site is currently under construction. It is in the test mode for BXIZone Clients who will now become to iShopZone.
The concept of the site is to allow multiple merchants sign up and use an eBay like system to promote their products online.

This site was designed and developed by Adrusya Technologies. It is a loyalty card program site for Merchants, who are allowed to have a FREE store online if they signed up as Merchants for HEROSCARD.
In this site, we used a multi-vendor concept. HEROSCARD is the Main Vendor/Client having several  merchants with their own stores.

Click the “Shop Now” icon on this page to see the Merchant’s eCommerce Site.

Additional Features

for Additional Price based on requirements:

  • Mobile / Tablet Version
  • CRM Integration
  • Manage Subscription Products like ‘Magazines’



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