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One_Stop_eCommerce_DevelopmentIn the past few year, the concept of The eCommerce has evolved vastly. Online shopping offers certain conveniences—from delivering your order right to your door to broad selection and low prices even offering Free shipping.

Some of the things we noticed most of our small-scale business clients required are:

A Mobile e-commerce 

This can be done by designing a complete responsive site using technologies like Bootstrap (with it latest version)  such that it takes care of not only desktop versions, but tablet and Mobile versions as well.

Self-Managed Shopping Cart Tools (Without 3rd Party integration)

We have found that some clients, especially small scale businesses prefer to use their own admin tools to manage orders, inventory and shipping. When it comes to payments, Paypal has come across as the unbeatable one so far!

A simply paypal – standard subscription OR even Paypal Pro (A basic paid version) + Client’s own inventory management tool for checking the orders, creating invoices, picking list, packing list, etc is the best option.
And in Panakart, we have tried to create all these tools for the convenience of the customer.

Product Options for Products

Not many eCommerce applications have an advanced product options features. In PanaKart, apart from what we are showing in our demo site, we have used a very advanced Product-Options features for our clients.
The product options are completely manageable by the admins in the back-end. The options are created such that they are inter-dependent with each other.
Take a look at:  site. The site has been designed and developed by adrusya Technologies. It is our first major advanced, full fledged eCommerce product, although we have created one other before for two other clients. Search for products and click the product details to get an idea of how the product-options have been designed and created.

A Perfect SEO

Some of the things, all startup companies and small businesses need is instant, quick visibility in the market:

We try to get their market by creating:

  • User-friendly URLs and Images
  • Alt Images Text
  • Complete Content, and Meta Tags optimization
  • Sitemap  - designed neatly covering all the products in the database
  • lots of articles in the site as well as in the WordPress CMS
  • Press releases (to be done by the clients)
  • Email campaigns content, concept and graphic design. Marketing to be done by clients
  • Help with content posting on social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest

Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Low Price

Small scale businesses are not ready to wait for prolonged development time for their applications, even if it means higher efficiency and quality.  It is not at all cost effective for them. So, going for RAD and at the same time not compromising on important security features, would suffice most of the small-scale businesses’ requirements.

  • We adopt ASP.NET Web Forms (rather than MVC) for RAD.
  • We use json integration wherever required to do product-searches in eCommerce applications.
  • We help clients manage their requirements using free or low-priced project management software tools like basecamp.
  • Use full security features
  • And many more..

 All at One Place + Good English

Most clients would like to find a one-stop place for their entire product-life-cycle from designing the site to marketing.

Adrusya Technologies, is a one-stop place for clients to discuss their programming needs, hosting details, SEO, marketing, and graphic designing – All at Adrusya Technologies.
Being well versed in English with over 8 years of real time experience in USA, clients will find it easy to communicate and discuss their business requirements with ease.


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