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Web Development can be defined as depicting and presenting an information such that it is visually appealing, user friendly, interactive and strikes the purpose. We ensure that the users will visit the site again and will leave your site satisfied. Developing a website (Web Development) includes:

  • Web Graphical Design for look and feel like the images, graphics, web-template layout.
  • Web Pages (Static and Dynamic type of pages)
    • Static Pages: Pages that are not driven by a database and/or any interactive scripting. They are just informational pages with content in them.
    • Dynamic Pages: These are interactive pages that require users / visitors to enter some information that you will review. It may or maynot be database driven. Some of the common dynamic pages are “Query Forms”, “Email Forms”, “Member Login Form”, “Registration Form” etc…
    • Responsive Pages: The pages are designed such that the content, graphics and design are oriented well in devices like mobiles/smartphones, tablets, monitors and laptops
  • Web Applications like web services, shopping cart integration, and several other 3rd party tools can be used for achieving the desired results.

We at Adrusya have the required expertise in the following technologies that we employ in developing your website (Web Develoment tools):

  • Markup languages – HTML, HTML5
  • Style sheet languages - CSS3
  • Client-side scripting - JavaScript,VBScript
  • Server-side scripting -.NET (VB.NET and C# – cSharp) , PHP
  • Database technologies - SQL, MS Access, MS Excel, MySQL
  • Graphic Designing Tools - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MS Paint, Flash

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